On GNPC-Aker, Bob Hinson Didn’t Look Before He Leaped


In between management meetings this morning, my notifications bell continued to buzz. So, I paused to check. Messages were dropping fast: Bob Hinson says you’re “smearing” GNPC. What’s going on?

There was a link, so I clicked. And there it was, a curious 9-point article by Professor Hinson of the University of Ghana Business School announcing “the true facts” about the GNPC-Aker saga, and gently chiding “a civil society actor by name of Bright Simons” for “misrepresentations”.

“Curious article” because in all the decade and some that I have been involved in energy policy activism in Ghana, Professor Hinson has rarely shown up on the subject. I don’t recall him expressing much interest in any of the raging issues cropping up all the time in the industry.

And curious also because the article comes across as a rejoinder to a bunch of stuff I have written, yet it was published…

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Published by Ghana Rants

Mr. Sumaila Mohammed(Ghanaba) is currently pursuing Bsc Social Change Communication at the University for Development Studies. Passionate about human development, Mr. Mohammed is a local coordinator for students for liberty; a pro libertarian movements that champions issue pertaining to liberty. Ghanaba is a staunch Pan Africanist who believes in the socialist ideology of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah. Mr. Mohammed also a volunteer for (HERPOL AFRICA) a non-profitable organisation that engages in health, education, research and policy.

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